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中国学生主要通过英语课和阅读学习英语。阅读是提高学生外语学习兴趣、积累语言知识、提高学生外语学习能力的重要途径。我精心收集了精美英语短文摘抄带翻译,供大家欣赏学习!精美英语短文摘抄带翻译篇1Today, i is worh celebraing his fesival. On Chrismas day, of course, we can no live wihou Sana Claus and Chrismas presens. I hink Chrismas is a holiday for children. Today, children will "carnival". They will go ou o ravel, o play.I like Chrismas ha, i is red. Every Chrismas will be presen in i. There is also a sealh, of course, is happy. Only oday happy, can be blessed.Today, I wan o receive a Chrismas gif, of course, is a eddy bear and a Sana Claus, I like i very much. This desire, I realized. Moher bough me. She saw hrough my hear.I also wan o send each of children welfare orphanage a Sana, bu i can only be achieved afer I grow up.This afernoon, we wen o he supermarke. The door had he Sana Claus in candy, of course, is ha people play. Go o he supermarke, here is a high Chrismas ree, hung above he bells, a flash, ec. Wih card, of course, is a blessing o people.Is worh celebraing his day, Chrismas day is o cheer!今天,是大家值得欢庆的节日。圣诞节当然不能没有圣诞老人和圣诞礼物。我觉得圣诞节是孩子的节日。在今天,孩子会“狂欢”。他们会出去旅游,去玩。我喜欢圣诞帽,它是红色的。每到圣诞节里枯团祥面都会有礼物。当然也有隐身的,或裂就是快乐。只有今天高兴,就能会受到祝福。今天,我想收到一份圣诞礼物,当然是一个熊宝宝和一个圣诞老人了,我非常喜欢。这个愿望,我实现了。是妈妈给我买的。她看透了我的心。我也想送给福利院里的儿童每人一个圣诞老人,可这件事只能我长大后才能实现。今天下午,我们去中百超市。门口居然有圣诞老人在分发没搏糖果,当然那是人扮的。走进超市,有一棵很高的圣诞树,上面挂满了铃铛、有闪灯等。上面还有贺卡,当然是对人们的一种祝福。圣诞节是值得欢庆的日子,是值得欢呼的日子!精美英语短文摘抄带翻译篇2I like green, because I see green you can hink of he endless prairie, here in he green grass was full of all kinds of flowers, beauiful! Sanding on he grassland, looked up o see blue sky, here are ens of housands of whie clouds in he sky, like a lovely coon candy, cows and sheep are grazing grassland, here are horses in he running on he grass.Green represens healh, make people for life is full of vialiy and hope. Rose up in he morning, looking a he disan green, eyes will become more brigh; Green grass will make cows and sheep have become more srong. The green grass and rees, flowers, can make he air more fresh; Dense fores o animals brough a beauiful and happy home; From a disance, a rolling all green mounain, budao edge of he mounain is linked ogeher wih day, like a picure.Green is he sandard of healh, green can beauify he environmen, we should joinly building a green, green proecion, proec he environmen. Le he world become more beauiful.我喜欢绿色,因为我看到绿色就能想起一望无际的大草原,在那绿油油的草地上开满了各式各样的鲜花,美丽极了!站在草原上,一抬头就能看见蓝蓝的天,天空上有成千上万朵白云,像一个个可爱的棉花糖,草原上有牛儿、羊儿在吃草,有马儿在在草地上奔跑。绿色代表健康,使人们对生活充满了活力和希望。早晨起来,望着远处的绿色,眼睛会变得更加明亮;绿油油的小草会让牛儿、羊儿变得更加强壮;绿色的小草和树木、鲜花可以让空气变得更新鲜;茂密的森林给动物带来了美丽而幸福的家园;从远处看,一片连绵起伏高大的绿山,望不到边,这些山与天相连,犹如一幅图画。绿色是健康的标准,绿色能美化环境,我们大家要共同建设绿色,保护绿色,保护环境。让世界变得更加美丽。精美英语短文摘抄带翻译篇3Everyone has he responsibiliy of proecing he environmen, he environmen o our life have a close relaionship, hrow rubbish casually, spiing, hrow wase baeries, hese small hings will pollue he environmen.Usually i is no hard o see on he way people hrowing rubbish and spiing everywhere. They hrow a garbage, face is he feeling of guil, hey don' know a group of wase paper, hrowing a plasic packaging will pollue he environmen; They don' know wha cleaners are, how much effor o clean he ground, was one of heir small garbage. They don' know wha hey unconsciously spi ou phlegm can make a lo of people have a cold, and hose people don' know, is he ground of spuum for heir disease. Now everyone knows he fores area is grealy reduced, yeah! Tha is so disorderly cu down rees, people killed animals living environmen. Wihou he proecion of he fores will make dus sorms ruined ciy, dus sorms have lef many people were killed. The usual hick fores became desolae deser.Alhough here are a lo of people pollue he environmen, bu also have o proec he environmen.Since he people began o advocae environmenal proecion, green. Our schools are beginning o have a bach of voluneers, small o primary school, o universiy. The middle-aged and elderly people also have o aend. They proec he environmen, advocae environmenal proecion shopping bags, don' use plasic bags, because he is hard o break down; Don' hrow baery anywhere, please pu hem in he village of professional recycling saion; Don' open car, please ry o walk or by bus. Leading everyone doesn' wan o cu down a ree, hey ake he lead in planing rees, make he air more pure and fresh, o build fores consrucion of animal house. The leadership don' spi, hey clean he ground, le us live in a clean, comforable environmen. They believe ha heir homes will be more beauiful."Everyone needs o help proec he environmen," from now on, from now on, le us ac, environmenal proecion, environmenal proecion, make he ciy more beauiful omorrow.每个人的身上都有保护环境的责任,这对我们的生活环境有着密切的关系,随便扔垃圾,随地吐痰,扔废电池,这些不起眼的小事都会污染环境。平时我们不难在路上看见随地扔垃圾和随地吐痰的人们。他们扔一个垃圾,脸上毫无愧疚之感,他们不知道扔一个废纸团,扔个塑料包装都会污染环境;他们不知道清洁工们费了多大力气所清洁的地面,就被他们的一个小垃圾所破坏。他们不知道他们无意中吐出的痰会使很多人得上感冒,而那些的病的人也不知道,是地上的痰所让他们的病。大家都知道现在森林面积大幅度减少,对啊!那都是人们乱砍伐树木惹得祸,使得动物没有生活环境所死亡。没有森林的保护也会使得沙尘暴破坏城市,沙尘暴使得许多人们丧生。使往常茂密的森林变成了荒凉的沙漠。虽然有很多人污染环境,可也有保护环境的人们。自从人们开始提倡环保,绿色。我们的各个学校都开始有一批批的志愿者队伍,小到小学,大到大学。连中年人,老年人也有参加。他们保护环境,提倡用环保购物袋,不用塑料袋,因为他难以分解;不要随地扔电池,请把他们放入小区专业的回收站;不要多开汽车,请尽量步行或乘公交车。领导大家不要私自砍树他们,他们带头种树,使空气更加清新,重新建造森林建造动物的家。领导大家不要随地吐痰,他们清洁地面,让我们生活在一个干净,舒适的环境下。他们坚信家园会更美好。“保护环境,人人有责”从现在起,从现在开始,让我们行动起来,环保,保护环境,使城市的明天更加美好。


英语亩模美文题材丰富,涉及面广,大多蕴涵人生哲理。下面是我带来的优美励志英文 文章 ,欢迎阅读!优美励志英文文章1致忧伤的你Dear Anyone Having a Bad Week,亲爱的度过糟糕一周的你:I'm sorry. I have no idea why your week is bad, or how bad i acually is. I don' know if you've old anyone, if here's anyhing ha could fix i or if i's made you raher unpleasan o be around. Bu I do know ha I'm sorry ha you're huring, or sressed, or exhaused, or grieving, or frusraed, or depressed, or lonely, or scared or los.我很抱歉,我无从知晓你的这一周为何很糟糕,也不知道实际情况到底有多糟。不知道你是否有找人倾诉,是否有什么方式可以让你好受一些或者说现实是否让你更加难过。但是我清楚迅启缓地知道我为你一切不好的情绪感到深深的同情,无论是你受到伤害或者感到压力,亦或是感到疲惫、悲伤、筋疲力尽、沮丧、孤独、害怕还是迷失。I hough abou wriing his leer in a couple of differen ways. I hough abou wriing i abou he hings you could do o feel beer: show yourself compassion, go ouside and look a he rees, look a a baby phoo of yourself. Or I hough abou focusing he leer on how he "bad weeks" can acually be prey beauiful, if you look a hem he righ way. I almos wroe hose leers, and maybe a some poin I will, bu I hink I ended up deciding ha I wasn' wriing o make anyone feel beer -- I jus wan you o feel heard.我想象过用各种不同的方式来写这封信。我想象写一些可以让你感到好些旁滑的事情:比如对自己表示同情、出去看看树木或者看看自己儿时的照片;或者我也想象过将信的着重点放在,如果你用正确的方式来看待“糟糕的一周”,你或许会发现这一周实际很美好。我差一点就那样写了,也许将来会这样写。但是现在我最终决定不写这些。——我只是想让你们感到,有人听到了你们的心声。There's somehing abou humans ha makes us crave for our pain o be recognized. There is somehing inherenly good and comforing in having someone say, "Yeah, ha sounds really hard," or, "I really sucks ha you have o deal wih all ha."作为人类本身,我们都渴望自己的悲伤被了解。如果有人能在这个时候对你说“是的,那听起来的确很糟”或者“你需要面对这些真的是太不幸了”,我们的内心都会感到些许好转或安慰。Bu unforunaely, ha's no always he direcion ha sociey pushes us in. We have been augh ha bad days are o be silenly borne beneah a brigh smile; ha expressions of pain are uncomforable.但不幸的是,现实并不总能按照我们期望的方向发展。我们总是被告知需要隐藏自己的悲伤,展露自己的微笑。而这种表达方式让人并不舒服。I wan you o know you can feel free o spill your bad day all over he place and wear i on he fron of your shir.我想要让你知道,你可以在任何地方自由表露你的坏情绪,你甚至可以将它画在T恤上穿在你的身上。I wan you o know ha he expressions of your pain are beauiful and ha I will ry my very hardes o feel he hur wih you. I wan you o know ha your grumpy, sressed ou, shor-empered self is jus as awesome as your cheerful self. Please do no shun your suffering.我想要让你知道你表现出来的悲伤也很美丽,我会尽我最大的努力来尽量感受你的不幸。我想要让你知道,有坏情绪、压力感和小脾气的你与快乐时的你一样可爱。请不要再压抑自己的情感。In wriing his, know ha I hear you, and le yourself be healed. I hope your day urns around, and ha even if i doesn', you can sill find a few momens of beauy and/or happiness amids he crappiness. For all of you no having bad days -- carry on, and enjoy.在写这篇文章时,我听到了你们的心声,请让自己尽快好起来。我希望你们日子恢复正常,即使不能,你仍然可以发现一些美好的瞬间或者苦中作乐一下。为了不让你们自己持续这种糟糕的日子,向前看,去享受生活吧!Sincerely,此致Clara Wagner克拉拉·瓦格纳优美励志英文文章2阳光生活每一天的5个秘诀1. Don' avoid or ignore negaiviy.1. 勿要躲避或忽视阴暗面In order o conquer and overcome, i mus be acknowledged. This can include people in your life who may be bringing you down, a hosile workplace environmen or even a personal sressor ha you haven' conquered quie ye. You are in conrol of your environmen and if hese negaive siuaions keep making an appearance, i's up o you o handle hem.我们得正视生活的阴暗面,这样才能将其克服与战胜。负面因素可以包括生活中会使你沮丧的人和不友善的工作环境,甚至是目前仍让你感到压力的源头。你所处的环境为你掌控。倘若这些消极场景一直出现,将其解决的也只能是你。2. Take care of yourself and your needs.2. 关爱自己,重视自我需求。In order o feel compelled o live a powerful and meaningful life, you mus love you. Take care of your acions and how you live each day, and his will be refleced in your houghs and emoional sae of mind. Love yourself fully in order o love ohers fully.为了让生活有意义并充满能量,你必须爱自己。关注你的所作所为以及每天的生活方式吧。它们将会反映到你的思想与情感状态中。为了全心全意地爱他人,你得全身心地爱自己。3. Mend wha's broken or ge rid of i.3. 之于裂痕,要么修复,要么忘怀。Deermining wha is worh your ime and effor and wha is no can be challenging. If siuaions are oxic and beyond repair, i's ime o le go. Are here relaionships or friendships ha remain damaged bu you know are worh he ime? Fix hem and find peace. Do wha you can o find love in siuaions where i may have be absen in he pas.决定什么值得你付出时间与努力,而什么又不值得,是有难度的。如果情况不乐观且难以修复,那是时候放手了。你是否仍认为有些受损的感情或友情值得花时间来维持?修补它们吧,并且保持平和的心态。尽你所能从过去那些不曾有爱的场景中发现爱!4. Give back.4. 倾情回馈。Giving our ime, energy, love, menorship and someimes money is wha life is abou. Everyhing we pu ou ino he world comes back o us. My mom augh me a quoe she learned in Mexico ha suck wih me forever, "donde comen uno, comen dos." (where one can ea, wo can ea.) I moves me every ime I say i ou loud. A he end of he day, no maer wha you have you are likely in a posiion o give somehing small o someone else who needs i. Don' hesiae.人生的真谛是给予我们的时间、能量、爱和教导(金钱有时也是),我们向世界付出的一切都会有所回馈。我母亲曾教过我她在墨西哥学到的一句话,让我永生难忘:“donde comen uno, comen dos.”(一人能食之处,也能供两人享用。)我每次大声读这句话时,都会被震撼感动。说到底,无论你拥有什么,你都有可能给予他人小小的一份心意,而这正是他们需要的。不要犹豫。5. Things ha make us smile, laugh and feel good are jus awesome.5. 所有让我们笑逐颜开,感觉不错的事都值得敬重。This one is prey simple...Jus do MORE of i. Do more of wha makes you happy! I ruly believe ha in he super fas paced world we live in, happiness may no come as easily as we wish. In order o navigae hrough work and responsibiliies ha seem monoonous, we have o acively pursue and engage in beauiful acs of love and kindness. So ge o i!这点极其简单…只要更多地去实行它。去做更多让你开心的事!我真心相信,在如今这个超快节奏的世界,幸福来得也许并不像我们希望的那样简单。为了能顺利处理那些看上去单调的工作与职责,我们得积极追求爱和善的美妙行为,并更多地参与其中。所以行动起来吧!优美励志英文文章3优秀的人们每天会做的10件事We all see and hear abou exraordinary people around us and wonder why can’ we be more like hem? Someimes we chuck ha noion as absurd and unachievable. I would say no so fas. I’s no he big hings ha make someone exraordinary. I’s he small hings.我们都看到或听说过身边那些优秀的人,并在想为什么自己不能和他们一样?有时我们觉得这种想法很荒谬,根本无法实现。我觉得不一定。人并不是因为大事而优秀,而是因为小事才变得卓越。Things ha over a period of ime have he power o radically change your life. They become exraordinary by making a difference in someone's life. Here are some of he hings exraordinary people do every day:发生在一段时间内的事情可以从根本上改变你的生活。优秀的人通过让他人的生活有所不同而变得卓越。下面的几件事是非凡的人每天都会做的。1. They are open o criicism他们乐于接受批评Jus because you’re he boss, doesn’ mean you are righ every ime. I doesn’ mean you have he bes ideas. Learn o back up your ideas or decisions wih reason. Use logic o explain hings, no auhoriy. By doing his your decisions migh invie criicism, bu you will also ge an opporuniy o improve.你是老板,但这不表示你每次都对,不表示你的想法最好。学着用理性来支持你的想法或决定。运用逻辑来解释事情 ,而不是运用权威。这样的话你的决策可能会引发批评,但是你却得到了提高的机会。2. They admi heir misakes他们都承认错误My friend’s boss made a huge misake by ying up wih an even managemen company. The whole purpose of he ie-up was o promoe his company bu i failed miserably. Insead of defending his idea and carrying on as if nohing happened, he apologised o he eam for no including hem in he decision making. I’s OK o admi you were wrong. You will no only gain he respec of your eam maes, you will also gain credibiliy.我朋友的老板犯了个大错,他把公司和一个活动管理公司合并了,本来合并是为了提升他的公司,谁知道最后竟是悲惨的结局。他没有为自己的想法辩护,没装作什么也没有发生,而是因自己在做决策时没有考虑到团队的意见而向他们道歉。承认自己做错了没什么大不了。你不仅会获得团队成员的尊敬,而且也会赢得信誉。3. They are generous wih complimens他们毫不吝啬赞美之词Remember he ime, say in school or a work when you worked really hard bu go nohing in reurn. No even a hank you. I hurs when your effors are no recognized. So every chance you ge o praise someone, do i. A simple, “Tha was some grea work, keep i up,” can go a long way in making he employee feel grea abou hem self. A complimen can have a posiive impac on heir lives. Your eam/family will love you for i.还记得你认真学习或努力工作而没有任何回报的时候吧,有时连句“谢谢”都没有。可你的努力不被承认时你会受到打击。所以,当你有机会赞扬他人时,一定要赞扬。一句简单的赞美之词,如“做得真好,继续努力,”会让雇员在很长时间内都会感觉良好。赞美能对他们的生活产生积极的影响。你的团队/家庭也喜欢你这样做。4. They are sensiive o ohers他们对他人都很敏感Think abou a ime you complimened someone and he recipien changed he opic? Maybe he or she was uncomforable. Bu you sill were no amused were you? Similarly, when you feel awkward receiving a complimen or an award, remain in conrol and give he person in fron of you a genuine smile and hank him or her. Don’ make he momen sour by acing on your insecuriies.想一想,有没有这样的时候?你正赞美对方而对方却改变了话题?也许你的赞美令他/她感觉不舒服。但是你会觉得不痛快,对吧?同样地,当你收到赞美之词或奖品时,如果感到尴尬,可以克制自己,给你面前的人报以真正的微笑并谢谢他/她。不要因为不安全感而让那一刻变得不愉快。5. They ask for help他们寻求帮助When you need help, don’ be arrogan or shy and sop yourself. If you’re los on he road, i is fine o ask for direcions. Everyone needs a lile help someime. When you ask for help, you receive help. By doing so, you’re leing people know you’re no superhuman, ha you’re willing o lisen, you also need suppor a imes…which only show you could become a grea leader someday.当你需要帮助时,不要因为自大或害羞而不去向他人求助。如果你迷路了,就去问问别人怎么走。每个人都会在某一时刻需要帮助。当你寻求帮助时,会有人帮助你。这样做,你会让人知道你不是超人,你愿意倾听,你有时也需要别人的支持……这表明有一天你也可能成为伟大的领导。6. They apologize when needed他们该道歉的时候就道歉We all make misakes, bu wha makes a person big is when he is ready o apologize. Don’ ry o hide behind excuses: “I didn’ mean o say i, i jus happened.” “I was irriaed wih such and such person so…” No. Don’ ry o shif blame. Jus come righ ou and say you’re sorry.我们都会犯错,但优秀的人勇于道歉。不要试图找借口:“我不是这个意思。”“我被这样的人激怒了……”不要这样。不要试图推卸责任。直接说你错了。7. They are willing o learn他们乐于学习When you don’ undersand how somehing works, le an exper show you. When you le someone each you somehing, you are elling he person ha you respec heir alen, ime and ha you believe he knows wha he is alking abou. Tha you respec heir experience. Always be willing o learn, because here is no way in hell o know everyhing.当你不清楚事物的原理时,让专家给你解释。当你让别人教你东西时,你是在告诉别人你尊敬他的天赋、时间,你相信他的话。你佩服他们的 经验 。永远要乐于学习,因为这是认识世间万物的唯一途径。8. They are helpful他们乐于助人Never hesiae o help someone. I’s fairly simple bu i goes a long way. Don’ be non-commial and say somehing vague like, “Can I help you?” because hey migh jus say, “No, I’m good.” The key is o no sound paronizing. Be specific. “I had he same problem wih his coffee machine in he morning. I hink I have figured a way o make i work.” Offer in a way ha feels muually beneficial.能助人时且助人。说起来容易做起来难。不要害怕承诺并说一些模糊的话,“需要我的帮忙吗?”因为别人可能以为你只是 说说 ,“不,我很好。”并要注意不要以恩人自居。要具体一点.” 早晨我也碰到这个咖啡机出现过同样的问题。我觉得我想到了一个办法能把它修好。”用一种互惠互利的方式去帮助他人。9. They are expressive他们愿意表达自己They are no boled up. They feel somehing hey verbalize i. Then be i pulling someone for no working hard or congraulaing someone on heir wonderful performance. This behaviour is no only resriced o work, bu is applied o every aspec of heir life.他们不把话憋在肚子里。他们把感觉用语言表达出来。有人不努力工作就督促他,有人做得很好就祝贺他。这种方式不仅限于工作,而且适用于生活的方方面面。10. They’re in charge of heir emoions他们能控制情感Someimes i is very imporan o say mum. Especially when you’re angry or irriaed or bier, you don’ wan o end up saying hings you didn’ really mean o. So hey ake heir ime, hey process heir emoions, hin back o wha happened, and hen come o a decision abou how o ackle i. Before you say anyhing, consider oher’s feelings. Never be rash wih words or acions.有时保持沉默是非常重要的。尤其是当你生气、被激怒或很痛苦时。你不想说一些让别人误会的话。优秀的人很从容,他们能控制自己的情感,想想发生过的事情,然后决定如何处理。在说话之前,考虑他人的感受。不要轻率说话或行动。


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