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Trip o Ho Chi Minh Ciy (Saigon), Vienam - April 2009This rip repor will focus on he shor rip ha my wife, Nikki and I ook o Ho Chi Minh Ciy (HCMC), Vienam in he period from April 6-11, 2009. In he ciy we checked ou some of he aracions such as Reunificaion Palace, War Remnans museum, Jade Emperor pagoda, Cu Chi unnels ec. The rip repor is spli ino secions and his firs page will focus on he say in Ho Chi Minh Ciy. On he nex pages you will find informaion abou he hoel we used (Renaissance Riverside Hoel Saigon), an ineracive Google map of Ho Chi Minh Ciy and more phoos from HCMC.Please ge in ouch on if you have any quesions or commens. All picures are aken by Nikki and Gard wih our Canon EOS 450D, Canon IXUS and Olympus mju 750.Nikki and I have been o Asia several imes before and we have been o places like China, Thailand,Japan, Malaysia ec. Bu for a while we have been alking abou expanding our horizons and his ime i was ime o visi some new counries. So in connecion wih a business rip o Malaysia, we decided o visi Ho Chi Minh Ciy, Vienam and Siem Reap/Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Map of Vienam. Map provided by he ripI have o admi ha we didn’ plan our rip o Ho Chi Minh Ciy ha well. The period leading up o he rip was prey busy bu we did buy he DK Eyewiness Guide for Vienam and Angkor Wa. We also go in ouch wih Kae, an old class mae of Nikki from Souh Africa (currenly living in Ho Chi Minh Ciy) and she was a god send indeed. And we also organized he flighs in and ou of Vienam, booked he hoel ec ahead of ime.Noe: For flighs in Asia you should check ou AirAsia for cheap ickes.From our experience, hoels in SE Asia end o offer a higher level of luxury for a relaively good price per nigh. We mainly referred o TripAdvisor o pick our candidaes. In he end i was beween Sheraon Saigon Hoel & Towers and Renaissance Riverside Hoel Saigon. We ended up wih he laer bu in rerospec I hink we should have gone for Sheraon (especially since I’m aSarwood Preferred Gues). The Renaissance cos us 170 USD/per nigh bu when we booked i we accidenly forgo o make sure breakfas was included. So we ended up upgrading o Club level for an exra 50 USD in order o ge breakfas, lounge access ec. Bu if you say in his area here is a grea place called Juice where you can have a wesern breakfas if you don’ wan o ea a he hoel. Here is he review of he hoel Renaissance Riverside Hoel Saigon.Noe: In Vienam hey use Vienamese Dong. Righ now 1 USD is abou Dong. You can ge Dong a ATM’s in Ho Chi Minh Ciy and i seems o be he preferred currency. Make sure o check he exchange rae before you arrive in Vienam as he exchange raes changes consanlyWhen i comes o vaccines you should check wih your local auhoriies’ recommendaions. Ho Chi Minh Ciy and pars of Vienam are considered malaria areas, so ake necessary precauions.The rip beginsAfer my business rip o Malaysia I flew o Bangkok and me up wih Nikki here. And on Monday April 6h we go up a 04.45 AM in order o cach he plane o HCMC – I wonder who was he genius ha decided we had o ge an early sar :-) A leas we were able o have a quick breakfas a he hoel before we lef. The axi o Suvarnabhumi airpor was abou 400 Bah (abou 11 USD) and he check in a AirAsia was quick – we did have o pay 300 Bah in overweigh so make sure you check his when buying ickes. Our one way icke from Bangkok o HCMC was 4574 Bah (abou 130 USD) for he boh of us. Our AirAsia fligh was on ime and a 07.45 we ook off from Bangkok in an Airbus 320. I was looking forward o flying AirAsia again as hey’re posers and ads feaure prey good looking fligh aendans (wha can I say...I’m a guy). I was quie disappoined when we boarded as he male fligh aendan was no quie wha I was expecing. Well, a leas Nikki had somehing o look a ;-)Arriving in Ho Chi Minh Ciy (HCMC)The fligh o Vienam was only a bi over an hour and we landed a abou 9 am. The landing srip was a bi bumpy and we passed by los of old bunkers and old erminals. Bu when we came o our gae i urned ou o be a brand new and shiny erminal. As I have a Norwegian passpor I didn’ need a visa and I jus wen o immigraion and Nikki had goen her visa sored ou in advance so we boh passed hrough immigraion wihou any problems. My immigraion officer was an older lady in a green army uniform. She resembled wha I envision i would be like arriving in Norh Korea :-) Afer immigraion we picked up our suicases and hese were scanned as we wen hrough cusoms.Noe: make sure o check if you need a visa before you arrive in Vienam. Rules change consanly so i’s probably bes o organize his in advance.Before we lef for Vienam and Cambodia I had heard ha US Dollars were he preferred currency. Bu we decided o change some dollars ino Dong and we sared by exchanging 40 USD and go 680.000 Dong back! I is ricky convering when he numbers are like his so I downloaded an applicaion on my iPhone and ha helped me keep rack of he currencies. There are boohs in he arrival area where you can book a axi. We paid 9 USD o go from he airpor o our hoel Renaissance Riverside Hoel Saigon. There was also an airpor ax when leaving he airpor and ha was 5000 Dong (30 cen) Make sure you have 1 dollar bills or local currency when paying for he axi.Coming ou of he airpor area and ino he raffic was quie an experience. There were housands of Vespa syle moorcycles everywhere. They passed he axi on he lef and righ hand side, some were driving on he pavemen, some were carrying enire families, some were ransporing goods ec. I guess he highligh was one guy on an old hree wheeled moorcycle ransporing a couple of 10 meer long ladders. I jus seemed o be very, very chaoic bu he raffic seemed o flow.The weaher was ho, humid and sunny as you would expec in Souh Eas Asia. In order o check wha weaher o expec, visi a web sie likeWeaherbase. We enjoyed emperaures of up o 35 degrees celcius (abou 95 Fahrenhei) wih some rain showers.When we checked ino he hoel we wen o he lounge on he 18h floor and go a grea view of he ciy. The hoel is locaed righ nex o Saigon River (as he name indicaes) and here were los of aciviies on he river...barges ransporing all sors of suff, small ferries ransporing moorcycles across he river, bigger ships in dry docks ec. When I saw he river he firs ime i seemed o flow “upwards” and laer on he evening if flowed downsream as I expeced o...I guess his is due o he ide from he ocean?Time o check ou Ho Chi Minh CiyAfer checking ino he hoel we basically wen ou o wander a bi around own o ge used o he ciy. Walking around Ho Chi Minh is a bi of a challenge because of all he moorcycles ha I described earlier. This means ha crossing he road becomes like an “Evil Knievel dare devil” sun bu as long as you walk slowly across he sree, ake i sep by sep and look a he bikers you should ge he hang of i prey fas. We go ou of he hoel around noon and i was warm and humid. We sared ou by having a small lunch a a place ha we found and i was a se menu for Dong (abou 1.7 USD) for each of us. I was no a big meal bu sufficien. On he way we also ran ino a few people on he srees selling suff – I did buy 10 poscards for 1 USD from one kid bu I have o admi hey were he mos boring poscards I have ever seen. One young girl ha I ran ino waned o sell me poscards afer I had bough he firs bunch so I said no. Bu she kep on following me and she was saring o ask me why and sared pushing me around. I go a bi funny acually as i was all done in a friendly way.Afer walking around Ho Chi Minh Ciy for a day i was grea o ge back o he hoel. Firs of all he noise in he ciy is quie overwhelming – he horn is used in abundance and i is used in all forms of “communicaion” when driving. Bu i was also nice o ge back o he hoel o ake a shower as he ciy fel very, very dusy. I don' hink I have fel anyhing like i since we wen o Beijing a few years back.































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