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简单的`英语美文短篇 篇1“We are reading he firs verse of he firs chaper of a book whose pages are infinie…”I do no know who wroe hose words, bu I have always liked hem as a reminder ha he fuure can be anyhing we wan o make i. We can ake he myserious, hazy fuure and carve ou of i anyhing ha we can imagine, jus as a sculpor carves a saue from a shapeless sone.We are all in he posiion of he farmer. If we plan a good seed, we reap a good harves. If our seed is poor and full of weeds, we reap a useless crop. If we plan nohing a all, we harves nohing a all.I wan he fuure o be beer han he pas. I don’ wan i conaminaed by he misakes and errors wih which hisory is filled. We should all be concerned abou he fuure because ha is where we will spend he remainder of our lives.The pas is gone and saic. Nohing we can do will change i. The fuure is before us and dynamic. Everyhing we do will affec i. Each day brings wih i new froniers, in our homes and in our business, if we only recognize hem. We are jus a he beginning of he progress in every field of human endeavor.戚埋 简单的没仔谨英语美文枯基短篇 篇2When someone looks ino your eyes hey should see somehing alive wihin you. Having a dream is like owning a lighhouse1 which direcs you on your journey.A every urn we come across is mysery. A each new level we become more of he person we were mean o become. In lonely imes, when we pass hrough a sorm of disappoinmen, we find our faih is unshaken, our srengh sill srong.Believe in your faih. Se he vision before your eyes. Wrie down your mos sincere dreams and when he opporuniy comes, sep ino your dream. I may ake one season or more, bu he resul is he same. Make big dreams and hen go ou and make hem realiies. The highes hopes of he dreamer are revealed wih every sep aken in heir journey o he impossible. For a season we mus proec he dream so ha i can grow quiely on he inside. Bu if we enderly care for our deepes expecaions, slowly bu surely he dream will become new life.Dreaming is an ac of faih. The ligh of your expecaions will cas off he shadows of a disbelieving world. God has given us he dreamer as a gif o ligh an unbelieving world.Find your reasure wihin and cherish i. Tomorrow is waiing for you o ake he firs sep.简单的英语美文短篇 篇3The Power of Your AcionsGraduaion day arrived — I saw Kyle and he looked grea. He was one of hose guys ha really found himself during high school. He filled ou and acually looked good in glasses. He had more daes han me and all he girls loved him!Boy, someimes I was jealous. Today was one of hose days. I could see ha he was nervous abou his speech. So, I smacked him on he back and said, "Hey, big guy, you'll be grea!"He looked a me wih one of hose looks (he really graeful one) and smiled. "Thanks," he said. As he sared his speech, he cleared his hroa, and began. "Graduaion is a ime o hank hose who helped you make i hrough hose ough years. Your parens, your eachers, your siblings, maybe a coach... bu mosly your friends. I am here o ell all of you ha being a friend o someone is he bes gif you can give hem. I am going o ell you a sory."I sared a my friend in disbelief as he old he sory of he firs day we me. He had planned o kill himself over he weekend. He alked of how he had cleaned ou his locker so his Mom wouldn' have o do i laer and was carrying his suff home. He looked hard a me and gave me a lile smile. "Thankfully, I was saved. My friend saved me from doing he unspeakable."I heard he gasp go hrough he crowd as his handsome, popular boy old us all abou his weakes momen. I saw his Mom and dad looking a me and smiling ha same graeful smile. No unil ha momen did I realize is deph.Never underesimae he power of your acions. Wih one small gesure you can change a person's life. For beer or for worse. God pus us all in each oher's lives o impac one anoher in some way. Look for God in ohers."Friends are angels who lif us o our fee when our wings have rouble remembering how o fly."There is no beginning or end ... Yeserday is hisory. Tomorrow is mysery. Today is a gif.

美文牵引学生的灵魂沉浮于字里行间,让心灵浸染着墨韵书香,这会使学生昂扬起率真灵动的生命激瞎枯情。下面是我带来的100字左右的英语美文,欢迎阅读!英语美文短篇(一)Life is full of confusing and disordering Paricular ime, a paricular locaion, Do he arranged hing of en million ime in he brain, Sep by sep , he life is hard o avoid delicacy and siffness No enhusiasm forever, No unexpeced happening of surprising and pleasing So, only silenly ask myself in mind Nex happiness, when will come?人生的纷纷扰扰,杂杂乱乱,在一个特定的时间,特定的地点,做脑海中安排了千万遍的事, 一步一骤,人生难免精致,却也死板,永远没有激情,没有意料之外丛槐的惊喜。于是,也只有在磨郑洞心里默默地问:下一班幸福,几点开?英语美文短篇(二)As food is o he body, so is learning o he mind. Our bodies grow and muscles develop wih he inake of adequae nuriious food. Likewise, we should keep learning day by day o mainain our keen menal power and expand our inellecual capaciy. Consan learning supplies us wih inexhausible fuel for driving us o sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgmen. Learning incessanly is he sures way o keep pace wih he imes in he informaion age, and an infallible warran of success in imes of uncerainy.Once learning sops, vegeaion ses in. I is a common fallacy o regard school as he only workshop for he acquisiion of knowledge. On he conrary, learning should be a never-ending process, from he cradle o he grave. Wih he world ever changing so fas, he cease from learning for jus a few days will make a person lag behind. Wha\'s worse, he animalisic insinc dorman deep in our subconsciousness will come o life, weakening our will o pursue our noble ideal, sapping our deerminaion o sweep away obsacles o our success and srangling our desire for he refinemen of our characer. Lack of learning will ineviably lead o he sagnaion of he mind, or even worse, is fossilizaion, Therefore, o say menally young, we have o ake learning as a lifelong career.学习之于心灵,就像食物之于身体一样。摄取了适量的营养食物,我们的身体得以生长而肌肉得以发达。同样地,我们应该日复一日不断地学习以保持我们敏锐的心智能力,并扩充我们的智力容量。不断的学习提供我们用不尽的燃料,来驱使我们磨利我们的推理、分析和判断的能力。持续的学习是在信息时代中跟时代并驾齐驱的最稳当的方法,也是在变动的世代中成功的可靠保证。一旦学习停止,单调贫乏的生活就开始了。视学校为汲取知识的唯一场所是种常见的谬误。相反地,学习应该是一种无终止的历程,从生到死。由于世界一直快速地在变动,只要学习停顿数日就将使人落后。更糟的是,蛰伏在我们潜意识深处的兽性本能就会复活,削弱我们追求高贵理想的意志,弱化我们扫除成功障碍的决心,而且扼杀我们净化我们人格的欲望。缺少学习将不可避免地导致心灵的停滞,甚至更糟地,使其僵化。因此,为了保持心理年轻,我们必须将学习当作一生的事业。英语美文短篇(三)No living creaure can laugh excep man. Trees may bleed when hey are wounded, and beass in he field will cry in pain and hunger, ye only I have he gif of laugher and i is mine o use whenever I choose. Henceforh I will culivae he habi of laugher. I will smile and my digesion will improve; I will chuckle and my burdens will be lighened; I will laugh and my life will be lenghened for his is he grea secre of long life and now i is mine.I will pain his day wih laugher; I will frame his nigh in song. Never will I labor o be happy; raher will I remain oo busy o be sad. I will enjoy oday's happiness oday. I is no grain o be sored in a box. I is no wine o be saved in a jar. I canno be saved for he morrow. I mus be sown and reaped on he same day and his I will do, henceforh.And wih my laugher all hings will be reduced o heir proper size. I will laugh a my failures and hey will vanish in clouds of new dreams; I will laugh a my successes and hey will shrink o heir rue value. I will laugh a evil and i will die unased; I will laugh a goodness and i will hrive and abound. Each day will be riumphan only when my smiles bring forh smiles from ohers and his l do in selfishness, for hose on whom l flown are hose who purchase no my goods.只有人类才会笑。树木受伤时也会流“血”,禽兽也会因痛苦和饥饿而哭嚎哀鸣,然而,只有我才具备笑的天赋,可以随时开怀大笑。从今往后,我要培养笑的习惯。 笑有助于消化,笑能减轻压力,笑,是长寿的秘方。现在我终于掌握了它。我要用笑声点缀今天,我要用歌声照亮黑夜。我不再苦苦寻觅快乐,我要在繁忙的工作中忘记悲伤。我要享受今天的快乐,它不像粮食可以贮藏,更不似美酒越陈越香。笑声中,一切都显露本色。我笑自己的失败,它们将化为梦的云彩;我笑自己的成功,它们回复本来面目;我笑邪恶,它们远我而去;我笑善良,它们发扬光大。我要用我的笑容感染别人,虽然我的目的自私,但这确是成功之道,因为皱起的眉头会让顾客弃我而去。我不是为将来而活。今天播种今天收获。


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